Monday, June 1, 2009

Dexter Morgan Is Back!

While channel surfing Sunday night we discovered that Showtime is rerunning one of our favorite shows - Dexter! And even though we have seasons one and two on DVD, it is similar to how I feel about certain classic movies - even though you can pop it in and watch it anytime, if it is "live", you have got to watch it! Showtime is promoting it as "The Summer of Dexter", showing 3 shows each Sunday evening, so each season will take a month of Sundays, then Season 4 starts in September...

For those of you not in the know, Dexter Morgan works in the forensics lab at the Miami Police Department. Specializing in blood-spatter analysis, he carries a dark secret - like a modern day superhero, he takes care of bad guys who have escaped justice from the legal system. Yes, he is a serial killer, but a very likable serial killer!

We first met the actor who plays Dexter, Michael C. Hall, on the HBO series "Six Feet Under", another favorite cable series both of us enjoyed, playing the younger son, David, of a funeral home director. As a result, when we first saw the publicity for Dexter, we had to check it out, and have been hooked since! Michael has received 3 Golden Globe nominations for best actor for "Six Feet Under" and "Dexter", and 2 Emmy nominations for best actor for "Dexter".

So our unbiased opinion is that you have 3 options - A: Subscribe to Showtime for your Dexter pleasure, B: Rent or buy seasons one through three, or C: Stop by our house Sundays at 8pm for the next three months, but expect to sit down and be quiet! Oh, and a disclaimer - there is occasional graphic violence, bad language and nudity on the show, so it is definitely not suitable for anyone under driving age!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Dexter is an addicting series! Thanks for getting me hooked :) I still need to catch up on Season 3... maybe Blockbuster has them for rent? ~Erica