Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grand we come!

We are leaving in the morning (early) for the long awaited Grand Canyon Star Party - 2009! This is Dean's first year of not being the sole organizer, so we are looking forward to a more relaxed time - more opportunities to observe, and maybe even do some photography. While we don't have any new pictures to post tonight, look for some starting Tuesday night (okay, give us until Wednesday to do some processing on them) when we return home to Tucson!
This is Dean's 19th GCSP (which he and late wife, Vicki, started in 1991), this is only my 4th! The first year I had no idea of what to expect - had never been to a star party! It knocked my socks off, to say the least! Each of the last three years have been clear and great seeing (though some of the astronomers may not agree 100% with that statement). If we have a cloudy night this year, it will be the first in several years. The only downside, this year, for me is that we can't stay the full week as we have in the previous years. This year we will only be there for 4 nights instead of 8. We are going up a day early, so that helps. Did you know that most visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park stay for 30 minutes!! I can't even imagine! That's scarcely long enough to do a passable "Clark Griswold" imitation and leave! So, while our visit is shorter there, this year; it is still longer than the 'average visitor'. If, by chance, you are planning a visit to the Grand Canyon next week....give a shout and look through some telescopes! If you are visiting at some time in the future - try to plan to stay longer than's too majestic to be taken lightly.

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