Saturday, October 26, 2013

Window Sill Still Life

While we're back in Arizona, recovering from
our vacation in Illinois and preparing for chemo, round 4, I'm reviewing pictures I've taken the last 10 days.  While most of my posts from there are usually taken outside, here are a couple taken of interior décor that have collected on our window sills.  At left is the view from our laundry/furnace room of flags and Mason Jars, and at right is the view outside the bathroom of candles, bottles and knickknacks.  While mostly I wanted to record the shapes and colors, it is actually a difficult photographic problem to shoot out the window in daylight as the exterior details overwhelms some of the detail you want to record.  I tried to use High Dynamic Range (HDR) methods to record the frame at different exposure levels to preserve detail, but I ended up using a single frame for the flag exposure, and only 2 frames for the bathroom view.  But "levels" and "curves" were used in Photoshop to bring out what I wanted to show...  I was hoping to record some fall colors out the windows, but only green was still showing...  But as for the layout of the décor itself - didn't touch a thing - what you see is what's actually there!

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