Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Through the Macro Lens...

We're back in the Midwest for a few days to visit family, friends, and get away from thinking too much of chemo and the routine of our lives in Tucson!  While it has been in the mid-80s in Arizona, Fall has definitely arrived here in Illinois!  Plus, we've been enjoying the rain here - the monsoon season wasn't very kind to us in Tucson, only an inch and a half all Summer.  So walking through drizzle the other day was a refreshing experience, even though most of the folks around me wondered why I was smiling so much!

While there is some Fall color, I think we're past most of it and a lot of the plants over at the Forest Preserve prairie has been felled by frost.  So I've taken a few walks and tried to capture some of the colors and patterns that catch my eye.  Since we're past the bulk of colors, I've chosen to use the macro to zoom in on close-ups.  Using that lens makes you reconsider a lot of framing choices and really makes you look at tiny details that show up easily with the higher magnification.

The macro is so great at revealing intricate structure, like the veins of a leaf - and I loved the collected raindrops on the oak leaf above, each acting as a little magnifying glass providing a little closer look under each drop!  It makes the use of a tripod almost mandatory to keep image blur to a minimum, especially under the canopy of the woods where some of these were taken - upwards of half second exposures with some of the small apertures required for the depth of field needed...  So I've been having fun seeking out these little jewels as time permits between seeing all the folks we want to see this trip.  Perhaps there will be more!

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