Friday, August 23, 2013

The Path is Clear(er)!

We've been feeling a little lost lately, but our journey became a little clearer today!  Melinda has been a little under the weather - she traces it back to June when she felt a little out of breath at the Canyon, blaming it on the elevation.  More recently she has been feeling tired and developed a bit of a cough before our recent Midwest trip, slowly getting worse with labored breathing, almost day to day lately.  She saw her doctor 2 weeks ago when we got back, a chest x-ray saw a mass between her lungs, a CT indicated perhaps small-cell lung cancer or lymphoma.  A biopsy was performed just 2 days ago (seems like a week ago already!), and today the firm diagnosis - small cell lung cancer.  Initially chemotherapy was scheduled for next week and more imaging (head CT and PET scan) bookending an oncology appointment today (a long day!).

The oncologist, upon hearing the description of her worsening condition said she wasn't going to wait till next week - she was being admitted to University Medical Center TONIGHT for chemo TOMORROW and for the NEXT THREE DAYS!  I just got back from the hospital where she has been chipper and perky, feeling the most optimistic she has in a while after the oncologist insists her breathing should improve after 3 sessions over the weekend.  Some of her co-workers came down from the NICU, and some of mine from the Mirror Lab came by to offer support and love.  The journey starts tomorrow, but for the first time in a couple weeks, the path looks clearer!


Astroweis said...

Hi Dean!

I am really sorry to hear those news. Wishing both of you lots of strength and energy for the coming days and weeks.
I know that we are far away but if there's anything we can do - please let us know!


Anonymous said...

Praying for Melinda's chemo response. Be strong and patient.

Grace and peace,

Steve Ratts said...


So sorry to hear about this! But I'm certainly relieved to know that you guys are tackling this head on and getting her the best treatment. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this and keep everyone in the loop. We'll all be thinking of you and Melinda and wishing her the speediest recovery.


Alan Strauss said...


Exactly what your friends above and Melinda have a lot of support here and anything that we can do to assist you both through this challenge, just say the word. You are both in our thoughts.

StarLadyE said...

Dean my heart is very heavy hearing this news. I wish I could come and be of help to either of you. Know I am saying prayers for healing, for strength, for the continued love and support from your many many friends and family.
Thank you for letting me know please keep me posted on her walk to wellness. So glad she is taking the treatment right away. Many hugs to you dear friend as this is a hard road to walk but always know you ARE NOT ALONE! I love you guys dearly. Yes, every once in a while God allows the most "Special Folks" to come into your life to bless it and you and Melinda certainly rank right up there at the top in mine for this blessing.
Give her a big hug from me. TAKE CARE OF DEAN TOO!