Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Latest Melinda News!

The latest news is that there is actually very little news.  Melinda has been resting a lot, and I've been helping as best as I can - running for food shopping, prescriptions, doing what needs doing.  She had a cardiologist appointment today to analyze why she had an "episode" of tachycardia during her first chemo dose.  It remains unexplained, but we've got several excuses, including not eating for over 20 hours last Thursday while we were running between MRIs, oncology appointments, PET scans and packing clothes before checking into the hospital.  Then the next morning she gets tachycardia during her first chemo - certainly no stress or reason to be nervous there, right?  Anyway, today's EKG was normal, the doctor ordered an echo cardiogram on Thursday adjacent to her audiology exam (one of the chemo drugs can affect hearing), but those 2 exams are all that is scheduled this week.  We're working on getting her leave paperwork completed, I got her car battery replaced when it wouldn't start yesterday - just stuff like that.

We expect her to be tired, REALLY tired the next week or more as the chemo kicks in.  Nausea is an issue the next few days, and we've been trying to stay on top of getting a couple nausea drugs into her to keep up with it.  Other than that, she has had a little dizziness - she compares it to early stages of the flu, without the fever.  We may have a friend over tomorrow, and if she seems stable, I might go in to work for a few hours for the first time this week, but mostly I'm being the Jewish mother - pushing the food, fluid and anti-nausea drugs.

We have been amazed at the outpouring of love and prayers coming our way!  Our friend Jenn from Phoenix has made 2 trips down with food, today coming down to cook some more and spend time with us.  Others have just come and spent time, called, sent cards and messages on Facebook.  We've got several offers the next few days of food deliveries, and time to spend for whatever we need.  We appreciate it greatly, and will take you up on it, but are mostly just spending time to see ourselves how we're doing and finding out ourselves what we need.  Be patient and know that we love you all too!


Anonymous said...

chemo induced tachycardia is not uncommon. given that there is already some breathing difficulty, compensatory tachycardias try to improve oxygenation during a challenge. dehydration and electrolyte depletion prior to chemo doesn't help. full cardiac clearance is a good idea.

don't know if you like grapes melinda but a healthy cool snack not to mention delicious and easy on the stomach and easy to chew, are frozen grapes. made some using concord grapes from trader joes last week, just wash well, pull from stems, pop in freezer in ziploc bags. seriously delicious, dr oz recommends highly.

put in an order for your jewish mother to make for you. easy easy easy and last a long time in the freezer. sending blessings and prayers

Uppie said...

Thinking of you! Dean, I was listening to a story on NPR about the mirror lab yesterday and I was thinking of you. Give Melinda lots of hugs for us from her NICU family!