Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New Toy?

A medium-sized box came in the mail today for Melinda.  I didn't know of anything she was expecting, so put it aside for her to open when she woke up for her night shift.  After she was up feeding cats, I asked her what came in the box.  She promised to show me when she opened it.  A few minutes later she walked in with a smile in her face, handing me a 70-200 Canon zoom!  It looked identical to mine, except it had image stabilization like the newer models do.  But wait - it seemed awfully light!  Then she took off the "lens cap" and revealed the secret - a new insulated drink mug!  It was amazingly realistic, even the switch controls on the side to turn on auto focus and image stabilization work, though the rubber focus and zoom rings do not, nor does the rear "lens cap" twist off (I did try, though)...  Available on Amazon for under $20 - getting pretty favorable reviews, but I'm sure Melinda's greatest reward was the look on my face of the "new lens" arriving in the mail!

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