Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lights in the Sky!

While hampered somewhat by our illnesses this week, we still keep an eye on the local weather.  Melinda is obsessed, actually - all you need to do is ask her and she knows the current temp and forecast from memory!   The week has been all grey, with white stuff or rain falling from the sky most every day, it seemed. 

Finally, last night - our last night in Illinois, the sun popped out very late in the afternoon, with the waxing crescent moon making an appearance as we drove to our dinner plans.  Later, back at home, I looked skywards - unfortunately, no chance of aurora with the very low levels of solar activity, but stars were seen for the first time this trip.  Shown at left is Orion to the right, it's upper shoulder Betelgeuse forming the Winter Triangle with Procyon at upper left, and bright Sirius below.

To escape the golden glow of the local "security light" I ambled down to the bank of the Fox River and shot the 3-frame mosaic shown here.  The river, which had been frozen over early in the week, mostly broke up and melted with the moderate warm rain we had Sunday.  It is rather scenic with the water reflections off the still water and ambient lights, though the glows from development mostly hide the starlight in the sky.   Today, there is about 20 feet of ice ringing the banks, making watching the Canada Geese interesting as they navigate their way to feeding on the lawn in front of our house.  Our next trip back there may well be chicks joining them as they feed!

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