Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shopping Day!

The Saga continues - Russian visitors day 6!  I purposely left this day slack because I knew we would be returning from Mount Graham late last night, and leaving early for Northern Arizona tomorrow.  I was thinking we might do something fun for the kids - see a movie, possibly a trip to Funtastics - a children's amusement park, attend the Kitt Peak open house tonight or something like that.  So what did they want to do?  Go shopping!

Highest on everyones list was a trip to the Apple Store!  The elegant simplicity of the iPad, IPhone and iPod makes everyone want one it seems, our visitors being no exception.  Sergey ended up getting an iPad for the astronomy club.  As an  informational tablet computer it should enjoy many uses for the group.  I'm not sure who bought what devices, but we spent nearly 90 minutes there!

We spent some time driving around town trying to find some stores that they had found on the Internet.  Jackets with Air Force or NASA patches are desired, but so far none have been found locally.  And unfortunately, several of the stores we were looking for no longer existed or were too small to have jackets like that in stock...  We ended up going to the largest shopping mall around - the Tucson Mall.  It is pretty large and strangely laid out, so easy to get turned around.  We made everyone buddy-up so no one would get lost.  Two hours later, everyone showed up on schedule, safe and sound!  Some bought some clothes, some bought souvenirs to bring home.  Just before we left, we stopped at a store with a rack full of western hats, and Melinda took a photo of everyone wearing a hat.  They looked good!  After a stop for dinner, they were delivered to the motel by 8pm with instructions to pack up so we can leave early in the morning for the trip to Flagstaff and beyond.  Tomorrow will be spent on the road, so we're uncertain when we'll post again, but hope to from our rooms there.

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