Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Tuesday Update On Our Visiting Guests!

This post is for the parents of the children visiting from Krasnoyarsk - from Melinda, Dean's wife.

Dean, Sergey, and the children are having a busy day!  I spoke with Dean about an hour ago, as they were on their way to the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center.  He said the children had a fun day at the high school, and that it is quite a remarkable school!  He and Sergey had a tour of the school this morning, when they took the children there, and he has a few pictures to post later.  They picked the children up from school at 2:00pm (1400) and they stopped to pick up snacks before heading up the mountain.  They also have Dr. Chuck Schroll joining them this evening.  He will also be giving them a tour of the Pima Air and Space Museum tomorrow.  Chuck is a close friend of ours, an Emergency Room Physician, and Astronomy and flying enthusiast and expert.  He was so excited to be a part of this adventure that he asked if he could also go on the trip to Mt. Lemmon this evening!

It's a beautiful day in Tucson, currently 37C and sunny!  I have not yet met the children.  I will be working through tonight, but then will be able to join the group starting tomorrow evening.  I am looking forward to meeting them!  Dean tells me they are a well behaved, bright group of children!  Dean said he will try to write another update tonight, when he gets home - with pictures to share.

All the best~

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