Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pima Air Museum in Depth!

I got a phone call a week or so ago from my buddy Chuck - the fellow who arranged us to go whale watching in Mexico a few weeks back. He is a pilot and of course an enthusiast of all things flying. He was meeting our friend Joey at the "Pima Air and Space Museum and wanted to know if I was free to come along. It was a Sunday, and Melinda was sleeping after a shift, so sure!

The Museum is the largest non-government funded aviation museum in the country. They have an incredible display of aircraft from throughout the history of flight spread over 80 acres. I've been there a few times, but new displays are always coming along, and there is a huge amount to see. There are even displays of local technology and the Mirror Lab appears in one!

Of course, the best part was that Chuck, as a member and frequent visitor, knew pretty much everything about every display, which plane had mahogany ailerons during the war years, fabric vs metal covered frames, details like that. It was great having him as tour guide. Listening in on his conversations with the museum docents was like hearing a foreign language for the first time...

I was looking for photo opportunities, and what I ended up doing was taking some interesting 3D images. By taking a pair of images with a little distance between them, and viewing one with each eye, image depth can be seen. Cross your eyes slightly, looking with the right image with your left eye, left image with your right, and a center image will show the 3D image with depth. I've got other posts with similar images - hit the "3-D Images" subject line over in the right border for more.

It was a great time - turns out there were ulterior motives - I was also invited to Easter lunch with Joey's family - a traditional Midwestern Easter dinner, which was great! Melinda would have loved it - in fact she did love it because they sent a care package home with me which she loved.

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David A. Harvey said...

Great place - great shots.