Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kitty Update #???

When you have 10 cats "it's always something", and usually it's unexpected.  This month's kitty saga involves Scruffy.  To refresh your memory, Scruffy is a feral we brought in (near death) a couple of years ago.  He tested positive for FIV, and shortly after being a part of the family he went blind and was diagnosed with high blood pressure and spinal problems.  He was skinny as a rail when we brought him in and his lack of eyesight hasn't deterred him from finding the food bowls.  His latest weight is 14lbs 8oz (just about double from when we first brought him in), making him quite the handful!  Overall, Scruffy does very well.  He willingly takes his medications (disguised in his food) twice a day, and generally stays out of trouble.  It was a startling discovery, then, when Dean found that his left eye was bulging nearly out of his head a week or so ago!  I was at work and Dean texted me to see if Scruff had been okay when I fed him dinner (which he had been).  Dean had gone shopping after I went to work, and found Scruffy very uncomfortable with this eye problem when he returned home about 8:30pm.  Fortunately, we have an emergency Vet clinic that specializes in ophthalmology very near by - and Dean had Scruffy there in record time!  Examinations and tests later -- Scruffy definitely has glaucoma, may have some sort of abscess or cyst behind his eye, definite corneal abrasion from not being about to close his eye, and his blood pressure was dangerously high.  After several days of increased blood pressure medication, antibiotics, pain medications, eye drops, artificial tears, and anti-inflammatory meds; Scruffy is improving!  He had a follow up appointment earlier this week which was encouraging.  There is a chance he may still have to have that eye removed - which may be less traumatic for him than the average cat since he is already blind.  We'll see what the decision will be when we go for another check up in two weeks.  We're seeing improvement every day and he seems to be much more comfortable.  We're not putting close up pictures of his eye on here as it was just too awful at first!
In the mean time, it was time for the big boy to get his summer haircut!  Dean had already made his appointment for his annual shaving, and fortunately Scruffy was improving enough to keep his appointment.  So here he is, shaved and comfy for the summer!  You can see that there is still some swelling in his left eye, and you can see blood that has pooled in that eye.  No doubt, he's been in a great deal of pain with this, what a brave little man he is!  The eye Vet gave us a great compliment when we were there.  He said, "You know, reading his history and what's going on with him I expected him to be a train wreck!  He's not!  He's doing great due to your great care!"  We love our big, old boy!

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