Friday, April 15, 2011

This Bud's for You!

We had an uneventful flight to Illinois the other day. We got in 30 minutes early, but then had to wait for our checked bag for about that long, so it evened out... We were excited (as were the local residents) when temps hit the mid-80s a couple days before we arrived. Would a true Spring be waiting for us? Well, it was a bit premature - trees are mostly still bare, though the ornamental flowering trees and shrubs are just waiting for a day or two of warm weather to truly declare the start of the season. The only cultivated flowers in bloom are the daffodils, even tulips are a week or two away.

There are a number of small "belly flowers" (you've got to get low to get a good look). In particular the grape hyacinth and blue scilla have turned sections of the yard a beautiful sky blue. Mixed in with them are budding prarie trillium and others I've yet to identify.

As I said, trees are mostly bare, though the flowing branches of the weeping willow are taking on some green. A closer inspection reveals not only the narrow leaves pushing out, but the flowers that I've never noticed before! While a few more warm days will advance the new growth, they may not get it while we're here - forecasts say cool temps and rain for our remaining days here...


David A. Harvey said...

Ahhh spring in the midwest - my eyes are watering and itching just looking at your nice photos. Sneeze for me will ya! ~Dave

Susan said...

Did the predictions mentioned this morning's snow? What a bummer!