Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring is Baby Season!

This last Sunday we made the regular trip out to Iowa to visit the Ketelsen family. This time there were some new relatives to meet! Nephew Jeff and wife Sandy just had a baby girl 4 weeks ago, so we got to meet Claire! She seemed so tiny after visiting with other kids at a Saturday birthday that were nearly a year old. We fell under her spell and didn't realize till after we had left that we didn't take any pictures of the parents with the baby! Only Great-Uncle Dean and Great-Aunt Melinda. Also of note in that visit was spending time with niece Sarah, who is getting married in July! That is our next planned trip out, and of course, she got to hold baby Claire too!

In our hours of driving across Iowa farmland, there were lots of newborn calves, with a few scattered colts and goats as well. We had enough advanced warning to stop a time or two and take more baby pics. The calf is indeed newborn - mom still has some afterbirth hanging out! The Canadian goslings were taken from home here next to the Fox River. Not quite lil' puffs of fur, but cuties nonetheless!

While in Iowa we also stopped at a Pizza Hut in DeWitt for a meeting-o-the-sibs! Sister Sheri, way down in Texas didn't make it (looking forward to that July wedding for that!), but the 5 others made it. Stars of the show were great niece Alivia showing off her butterfly "tattoo" next to the one on her shirt, and great niece Mya with a loose front tooth, here posing with brother Jim and Alivia. It won't be long before the "tooth fairy" will be visiting Mya!


Astroweis said...

How cute!

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Grandpa Kreinbring said;

What a Beautiful, Beautiful baby.
From Mr. prejudiced!!!!