Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tis the Season...

One of the things that impresses me the most, when returning to the Midwest in the Fall, is how EVERYONE dresses up the outside of the house for the big holiday. No, not Christmas, but for Halloween!

                                                                                                        Perhaps because of the more moderate temps, I'm guessing fully 50-70% of all houses have some sort of Fall decorations, from simple mums in a pot, pumpkin or harvest displays, or full-fledged cemetery graveyards with over-the-top Halloween decorations. Tucson is a virtual desert by comparison - you could rack up lots of miles to find a half dozen decorated houses! Even the City of Saint Charles loads up it's light fixtures with mums, in a few weeks to likely be replaced with Christmas decorations. It certainly gives St Charles a more "homey" feel to it!

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Anonymous said...

... or maybe it has something to do with the weather still being comparable to "miserable summers" elsewhere that tucson doesn't decorate? :P

i love autumn... the leaves are so pretty! i wish there was more colour out here in the the southwest. thanks for sharing these pictures! i can just pretend it's here too. ;)