Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Birthday Gurl!

The whole Raison d'être of our most recent trip to the Midwest was for sister Maj's birthday. What better way to help a family member through a trying time than plying her with an alcoholic drink or two on her big 60th?! A few friends (nine all told) met at Art and Alma's Century Inn in beautiful downtown Burlington, IL (population 452) on Tuesday evening. Fortunately for us, unfortunately for Art and Alma, we were about 80% of their business that night, but they took great care of us and had a fantastic dinner. The top photo shows the Birthday Gurl showing off her celebratory tiara.

The second picture, at left here is Maj with her younger sister Melinda. They just fought like cats and dogs all night and we finally had to separate them. The last picture shows the female contingent of the evening. They were certainly better looking than the old grey-haired codgers that brought them, so guess which ones get their picture in the post?! We all agreed that Maj needs at least 3 or 4 birthday parties a year so we can all get together to commiserate. We should all look so good at 60! Happy Birthday Sis!

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