Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yes, It WAS Art!

Round about 100 days ago (time flies when you are having fun), I posted about a public arts project in London, England called "One and Other". For the last 100 days, 24 hours each day, ordinary people each spent 1 hour on "The Fourth Plinth" on Trafalgar Square, doing whatever they wanted, live on a worldwide webcast. Yes, that makes 2,400 people each spending their 60 minutes of fame on public display, instead of the 15 minutes that Andy Warhol would grant us. The public performances ran the gamut from dull (reading a book or knitting) to sublime (truly creative performances of art, dance and song). Many represented their favorite causes, from cancer survivors, pet adoptions, fallen soldiers. I was a bigger fan than Melinda, but it was ongoing, seemingly semi-permanent. You could log on at any hour - at Midnight before going to bed you could figuratively share tea and crumpets with the Plinther having their 7am breakfast.

It ended yesterday morning, and I miss it. It was big and grand, and brought people together. I had the girls in the front office at work following, and lately, even one of my workmates Kirk was checking the daily video highlights. In the meantime, you can still check out the summer's highlights and get a feel for it, in case you've been ignoring our link down on the right side and didn't go visit during the 100 days. Whether in Arizona, or Illinois, or even between, we could check on the daft English and see how they behave in public. Would we have done as well? Will they do something similar again? I would hope, it was great fun, but do go and check out the highlights - easily worth 4 minutes of your time!

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