Friday, October 2, 2009

The Cats' Bedrooms

I got back late from the astronomy club meeting tonight and the usual plethora of kitties were nowhere to be seen underfoot - they had already gone to bed! Melinda got a new quilt for our kingsize and they obviously approve with 4 of them actively involved in holding it down. They usually don't swarm like this till the weather turns colder... Of course, there will likely be another (Marley) joining the crowd once I turn in - he likes the attention, not just the napping.

Of course, Mia has her "own" bedroom, sometimes shared with the resident cat sitter. Tonight she was hanging out in our not-quite-unpacked suitcase from our trip. She is the only one athletic enough to get over our almost-catproof fence, and we would much rather see her hanging out in "her" room than roaming outside the backyard wall. She also doesn't particularly get along with others (they are jealous of her escape skills), so it is just as well she likes how we decorate her room and stock it with food, water and litter box. We don't dote much on our animals, do we?

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