Thursday, February 22, 2018

Weather Roller Coaster!

I'm still at "Ketelsen East" in Illinois, and really enjoying the weather! Of course, it is February, so you never know what you are going to get, blizzards to Spring-like conditions, and we've actually seen it all the last few weeks. When I last posted, we were enjoying single digit temps (F) and below, and since then they set a record 9 consecutive days w/snow - a total of 18" in places! The map showed that amount very close to us, but seemed a little less outside. Still a massive amount! But while the last few Winters have been mild, we've got professionals here, and the roads get cleared pretty quickly. Picture at left show what the house looked like, and at right is a picnic table 30 yards from the house! It really was a winter wonderland, but difficult to walk in snow that deep! At least it was cold with all that snow and it was light and fluffy - perfect for shoveling!

Shortly after all that snow it cleared again and got cold - resulting in some really pretty sunsets! At right is one showing the deep snow reflecting violets and orange colors from the last of the twilight. The bluish color is from the blue of the clear sky illuminating the snow - it can also be seen in the shadows of the tree and picnic table above. With the sun shadowed, the predominant light is from the blue sky...

A few days later warmer temperatures came, highlighted by a day of temps pushing 70 (!) and 2" of rain! Even 14"+ of snow won't last long with that! Of course, all that snow plus 2 inches of rain totals something in excess of 3"+ of rain, so now all the rivers are flooded, the Fox River outside the house included! At left is shown the snow and a week later when it is all gone, with the river at least a little out of its banks. And at right I've done a before-and-after closer to the house, after I cleared the sidewalk around the house and now with all the snow gone.

It almost seems like an early spring with temps in the mid-30s, and now magically the Canada Geese have returned! They all disappeared somewhere when it was cold and snow-covered, but those that over-winter obviously have a hiding place and they are now out again to play!

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