Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Birthday Girl!

Hi All! As you have seen, I'm not winning any awards for my volume of postings on the blog. I'm embarrassed that it has been a month since the last post... I have no excuse other than I've suffered a lack of inspiration. So I come to you today with a task to accomplish! Today would have been Melinda's 61st birthday. On Facebook last month on the 6-month anniversary of her passing, I promised to dig through my photo archives and pull out some images that are little-to-never seen. We dated for over 2 years before we married, so that is 2 years of pictures before the blog started, so some pretty fertile ground! So as a present to YOU, those who knew her from work, play, relations, or didn't know her at all but are running across this accidently, here she is in her glory. Know that she was a special woman who touched all that knew her! Photos presented here in approximate order they were taken...

First photo! 25 Feb, '06
Unchaperoned Weekend! 7 April, '06
More alone time! 9 April, '06
Visit to Tucson 19 May, '06
Grand Canyon Star Party 20 June, '06
My favorite Portrait!  Iowa Star Party 23 September, '06
Dinner over Sea of Cortez 15 December, '06
Dallas Trip! 29 Jan, '06
Proof of engagement! 13 Jan, '07
Cranes at Whitewater Draw 10 Feb, '07
Goofing around the Fox River 17 March, '07
Birthday Celebration 17 March, '07
Moss Cottage, aka "Ketelsen East" 18 March, '07
Dean's Family celebrates her b-day 18 March, '07
Melinda on the Fox at dusk 28 April, '07
More Canyon star party 14 June, '07
Summer Feast!  7 July, '07
Ketelsen reunion 15 July, '07
Daily Crossword 3 August, '07
The Bean!  29 September, '07
With Great-niece Alivia 25 Nov, '07
Giving Thanks!  25 Nov, '07
On the river path 4 January, '08
Snowy Ketelsen East 1 Feb, '08
A cool Spring day!  13 April, '08
Last night as an unmarried woman! 6 June, '08
Yard Wedding!  7 June, '08
Johnson Sisters!  7 June, '08
Melinda looks good in our ranger's hat! 13 June, '08
My Fave of Maj and Melinda!  19 May, '10

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Anonymous said...

well I've been expecting this post for quite some time now. Happy Birthday Melinda! blessings always as you wait for your dean in heaven. amen