Thursday, August 4, 2016

Latest Melinda News!

Time for another update for Melinda for those who are not on her Facebook circle!  She was able to finish off her radiation treatments for her cancer while an inpatient at Banner University Medical Center on Monday.  That night they discharged her to a "skilled  nursing facility" to continue her medical treatments and more importantly, provide physical therapy to get her up and around to function normally around the house. 

But when activities started the next day, she was ill-prepared... Banner hadn't really gone to any effort to get her out of bed, and between the conclusion of her radiation, and moving around for the first time in over 10 days, she was exhausted just in standing.  On top of all that, she was feeling poorly and by Tuesday, really wanted to go back to the hospital...  Fortunately a good night's sleep works wonders and the next morning put in a good effort to get up and around.  The days since then have shown good improvement, and she is sitting upright in a chair for well over 30 minutes at a time without her heart rate shooting skyward or blood pressure diving.  The edema in her legs and feet are gone, and amazingly, the back pain is much less too, likely both from the radiation treatments.  Look into her face at left - much more than a hint of a smile in a photo taken by visiting Erica this morning - or maybe my beard was tickling her ear...

Her sister Maj arrives this weekend and she'll spell me in assisting and keeping her company at the facility.  Hopefully in a week or so she'll be discharged for home in time to start her next chemo cycle.   I'm sure being home will make her feel even better, and no doubt is looking forward to continuing her treatments.

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