Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What The Hail Is This?

No chance of observing the Venus/Jupiter close approach tonight. The monsoon clouds haven't allowed any evening views of the conjunction for the last week other than 2 nights ago resulting in the last post. But we had something else pop up!

Right at 5:30 we had dark clouds approaching, and we were hoping for our first real rain of the season. So far we've only had enough to get the windshields dirty. But as the rain started, the pounding started too as we had some significant hail fall too. The cats didn't know what to think and most tripped over themselves headed to what they must have thought was the nearest storm shelter - the garage. We got some pretty good stones, some well over an inch diameter. I went to get the camera, but didn't risk injury by going out to pick any up till it was nearly over.

Just to prove how big they were, I threw the handful of them into the freezer while I chased down the ruler and got organized. The biggest was just under 1.5 inches. It was interesting to observe the growth rings by "polishing" them on the room temperature countertop to observe the internal structure.  We didn't end up getting much rain, and the vehicles and house didn't seem to sustain any damage. The forecast continues to show a good chance of rain through the next week, but I'm ready for something more substantial than the sprinkles we've gotten. As long as it is cloudy and overcast, it might as well rain!

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