Thursday, May 14, 2015

Latest Cancer News!

Melinda had her latest PET scan Monday, and today we met with her oncologist to discuss results and plans. The report sound like a broken record, because the news is the same as the last few scans - the chemo drugs were ineffective - most active spots visible are either a little larger or brighter in intensity. The great news is that her brain scan was totally clear, so the fear of spreading to her brain was put to rest.

The plan is to put her back on the drug study we talked about 2 months ago. If you want details, you should go read that post and hit the links there. She was originally barred from the study because of the blood thinners she's been on for 2 decades. But they very recently removed that restriction, so she's back on the list. The TH-302 has a crap load of potential side effects so lots to look for and precautions to take.  The oncologist also warned us that while the drug sounds like a modern miracle (delivers cytoxins locally into the tumors), not to expect a cure, but to look for lack of growth - stability in tumor size.  Lack of growth is good!

This all starts in a week or 10 days. We see her oncologist again next week to cover more details. The good news too is that starting the study puts us on a rigid treatment schedule (3 weekly infusions with a week off), so we can plan on a Midwest trip on her break. It is the first time we've had some stability in the treatment in a while! Stay tuned!

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Praying for ya, girl. asked my friends to start praying too.