Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm (In-) Famous!

It doesn't happen very often, but occasionally an image stands out and attracts a bit of attention!  On a trip to the Midwest last November, I happened to have the window seat near the rear of the plane and tracked our progress across the nation.  Somewhere near the Oklahoma/Kansas border, I photographed something bright - it almost appeared like a reflection from a lake or pond, but there was no water surface around.  Shown at left, after consulting with Les Cowley of the Optics Picture of the Day, he correctly identified it as a subsun, and the nearby bright spot with a bit of color was effectively a sundog of the subsun!  He asked permission to run it on his website, indicating it might come out in a month or two.  Today, I got the e-mail - after 8 months it was my time to bask in glory!  Go to this link to see my image - unless you look today, the above link to OPOD will take you to the current post...  Actually, Les would be the first to tell you that a glory is another atmospheric phenomenon altogether!

The Optics Picture of the Day is a really fun place to browse around!  It is a rare day that you don't learn something new by perusing the images or Les' expert analysis, simulations and descriptions.  Make sure you add it to your daily Interweb excursions.  It was fun to have a contributed image!

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