Monday, June 9, 2014

The Pothole On The Road To Recovery...

We haven't been blogging much lately - sorry about that...  We've been tired, working hard, and there have been some developments on the road to Melinda's cancer recovery.  Her PET scan a couple weeks ago - the gold standard in monitoring and tracking her cancer, showed a "hot spot" in her pancreas.  It is not pancreatic cancer, but rather a secondary site from her small-cell lung cancer.  Her oncologist seems not to be overly concerned, but quickly referred her to the radiation oncologist who prescribed her to 5 sessions of radiation over the course of a week to zap it.  She is 3 days in and will finish Wednesday.  Her pancreas is close to her stomach and small intestines, and one of the side effects is heartburn and discomfort from those organs, but knock-on-wood, none of those symptoms have been seen.

Since our return from the Midwest a month ago her main issue has been extreme tiredness.  While she felt well visiting family and friends there, we both had cold-like symptoms on our return. Whether that was an issue or just residual effects of her lung and brain radiation through the Spring remains to be seen. The doctors have her on her second round of steroids to reduce the effects of her radiation and trying to up her energy level. In the meantime, we're ready to be past the treatment phase and get into the recovery! Fingers crossed that this little lesion was a rogue tumor that somehow survived the chemo and is the last to be zapped by the current round of radiation... We could use a break that lasts longer than a month!

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Anonymous said...

well alrighty then.... back to the hardcore prayers. Lord hear our prayer, send Your healing and ministering angels to excise and eradicate those nasty tumors in our beloved melinda. In the name of Yeshua, amen and say amien.