Monday, March 17, 2014

Today's Box at the Door!

The ingenuity of our friends knows no bounds!  Melinda has continued to get cards and notes to keep her spirits up as her radiation treatments resume again today for the home stretch.  This weekend we got an "Edible Arrangement" of fruits, she has a prayer shawl waiting for her to swing by work and today, another box waiting for us at the door as we returned from the hospital.  Most, or at least some of you likely know the radiation warning symbol at right.  Well what way to poke fun at the process than little cookies of radiation symbols!?  They were sent by Gretchen, who lived up the street when the Johnsons were still living in the 'burbs of St Louis.  As Homer Simpson would say, "Hmmmmm, radiation cookies!"

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Anonymous said...

you are so beautiful melinda, love, laurel