Thursday, April 4, 2013

Unexplored Country...

Melinda and I are taking a pause from our ordinary lives in Tucson and are currently in Charlotte, North Carolina!  And yes, I've not posted in a bit - have been busy getting a couple talks ready that I'm giving to the Southern Star Conference, being put on this weekend by the Charlotte Amateur Astronomers Club.  Yesterday was a travel day - unfortunately Melinda got the raw end of the deal, as usual, working the night shift at the hospital Tuesday night, then travelling ALL day Wednesday without any sleep!  And I do mean ALL day!  While we landed in Dallas/Ft Worth just fine, our connecting plane had a indicator saying something was wrong with an engine...  Well, turns out the indicator was bad, but they had to take the plane and do a full-rev test out on the field somewhere, lost their gate in the process.  We finally reconnected, had to refuel, reload luggage and drinks and were finally on our way 5 hours late.  The pilot told me (men's room stuff) that if we had been delayed another 7 minutes, the crew would have worked too many hours, and the FAA would have required to fly in another crew! 

Anyway, we got in at Midnight local time, and will shortly claim a rental car and head towards the Blue Ridge Mountains where the conference is located.  While I've crossed the South/North Carolina border, it was just to Ashville, so this will give us a chance to really see a new state and a new astronomy venue.  I don't know if we'll have Internet access anytime soon, but expect a report or two later!

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