Tuesday, March 19, 2013


For Tucson, we've had a hard winter - close to 20 nights at or below freezing, including a few days with lows in the teens - rare in Tucson!  Yes, I know, we suffer a lot - do I hear violin music playing?  But in a cruel twist, about 10 days after our last winter storm that almost brought more snow to Tucson, temps climbed and didn't stop till the mid-90s!  It is as if we skipped Spring and shot straight to Summer. 

A nice surprise greeted me as I arrived home Sunday - a nice lizard in the tree in front of the house.  Now I'm a big fan of the lizards, not so much the snakes, but the local lizards are almost cute and cuddly.  So I grabbed the camera and macro lens while my lil' buddy sunned himself.  But so early in the season, he (or she) was pretty shy and nearly always seemed to prefer keeping a branch between us!  I believe this is a common side-blotched lizard, nothing rare, unusual or otherwise especially interesting, other than the fact I like their little scales and toenails. 

Shooting handheld, I only got a few frames off before he lost patience and ran off to another tree, after temporarily jumping to a wicker chair that holds a potted plant or two.  Next time, I'll stalk a bit more carefully and spend the extra time to dig up the monopod for better pics.  Hopefully next time they won't be so shy and I won't be so excited to see the first lizard of the season!

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Anonymous said...

ummmmm yeahhhh, so don't cuddle up too close with them; they bite, and something fierce! somewhere on the www there is a video where a dad had his daughter kiss a tiny lizard she was holding and it bit and locked on to her nose. very very painful and btw they carry salmonella much of the time. just sayin'................ ..^..