Thursday, June 7, 2012

Early Cicada Season!

I was out looking at the cacti in front of the house the other day and a bit of movement caught my eye.  A closer look revealed a Cicada - the first week of June!  I've not heard any, but then, my hearing loss and tinnitus from work have me hearing cicada-like buzzing all year long!  Normally you hear them during monsoon season, but I don't recall ever seeing them this early.  I grabbed the macro lens and grabbed a few frames, none of them particularly good as he was down about a foot off the ground - hard for this old fellow (me) to reach very easily with a monopod.  Adequate for a snapshot, though. This was taken with the Canon XSi, 100mm macro and on-camera flash.  I think this one is Cacama valvata, the white stripes were what initially caught my eye.  I'm sure we'll see many more the next couple months through the monsoons, but the first of the season is always spectacular!

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