Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Star Pupil!

After Melinda's cataract surgery last fall, her follow up with the doctor a few days ago revealed the need for a minor laser procedure to remove some scar tissue.  So this morning, I drove her in for the surgery.  Since her pupil needs to be dilated, she is not able to driver herself...  All went well, even though the "10 minute procedure" turned into something in excess of 2 hours waiting for the pupil to dilate, and checking for complications afterwards.  We stopped for an early-afternoon breakfast, arriving home about 2:30pm. 

I insisted on a couple pictures to show her still-dilated eye.  Close examination revealed detail in her pupil  I jokingly said I could see her brains.  Turns out that with some re-windowing of the image that it was merely a reflection of me taking her picture!  The yellowish residue is from the numbing drops applied before taking the eye fluid pressure.  Another follow-up with the doc after we get back from Illinois in a few weeks, so no issues expected.

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David A. Harvey said...

Man I don't want anybody messin' with my eyes - especially somebody with a laser! :-) I think that your eye surgery explains a lot. You like my pictures but can't see. That explains the it.

Seriously, I hope you are doing well and hope that the surgery allows a more critical eye of my work. :-)

Be well.