Friday, December 2, 2011

Near-Term Forecast - Bleak!

Well, I missed the Fall colors - our September visit was early, and we're definitely way late for them in December...  I think Melinda caught some good color with her surprise visit for her sister's birthday last month.  But today's walk shows winter is here if not just around the corner.  No snow yet, and people on the plane were eager to tell us their garden hadn't had a killing frost yet(!), but from the greys and tans, it is dreary cold for the next 4 months! 

Which brings me to the sign I saw on my walk, shown at left.  Seems a harsh set of choices, without much middle ground...  Reminds me of the advice my money manager gives every review - "well, we expect to get worse, then turn around and get better" - doesn't take a genius to see that in everyday life, but there it is.  It just seems the better days are taking their time arriving!  I'm rather glad to have the moderate temps of Tucson to spend the Winter months - the cold and short days would drive me to depression.  Yet some thrive in the cold, snow and dressing in layers (Melinda included). 

But for now, it is still above freezing (low 40s for highs today), the trail along the Fox River is fun to walk with the rustling of leaves underfoot, and minute spots of color still exist for the moment.  Enjoy it while you can!

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Andrew Cooper said...

What, no Monty Python reference after seeing that set of signs?