Thursday, August 25, 2011

Men At Work!

While back in the Midwest this summer, we had a new roof put on our place in St Charles.  We've documented on this blog a lot of the work we are doing to the interior, but last fall we notices the dripping inside from the leaky roof, and decided we couldn't justify continuing interior improvements until we prevented future potential damage from leaks.  So we bit the bullet - Maj got estimates a couple roofers and we picked AAA Roofing. 

Roofing Day was Saturday, 16 July.  We "supervised" from a safe distance, and were amazed at the choreographed efforts of the team.  From arrival to departure was exactly 6 hours, including replacing some rotted timbers and cleanup with magnetic rollers to get any nails.  Shown here is a Youtube video put together from the 1 frame-per-minute sequence from my tripod-mounted camera with the timer.

They did a fine job, and the gutter guy came by a couple days later to finish that portion.  Right on cue, we had a heavy rain a day or two later and like giddy kids on Christmas morning, we ran out to watch the gushers coming out the downspouts.  No more leaks!  Time to continue on with the interior work!

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Anonymous said...

Love the video!! I especially liked the last frame, which I barely caught, with you and Maj posing. What fantastic work! ~Ewica