Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Relative Planet, and Her Satellites

Memorial Day weekend, and RTMC, brought us an additional bonus!  Over the past couple of years I have connected with second cousins, from my father's side of the family, through the wonders of Facebook.  I had seen that they have a vacation home near Big Bear - the site of RTMC.  While planning our trip to RTMC, I contacted one of those cousins - inquiring if they would happen to be up in that area for the holiday weekend.  As luck would have it, they would be, and we went about planning to meet up!

So, debuting for the first time in our blog - Planet and Shan, and their two little Satellites - Sedona and Everly!  They are a fun, beautiful, and loving family that I'm proud to say are related to us!

We met at a little restaurant that Planet suggested, The North Shore Cafe (on Rim of the World Drive, in Fawnskin, CA).  It's a great little place, serving something for everyone, and very amenable to lingering and visiting.   While we had never met in person, it was like treasured friends when they walked through the door! Hugs all around, even from the little girls!  Stories were shared, and lunch seemed to pass too quickly.  Before we left Planet wanted to make sure that we would be making the trip to RTMC next year, and she and Shan both extended the invitation to visit them in LA any time we can.  Sometimes meeting distant relatives can be awkward, sometimes you find that you didn't have any more in common than shared ancestors.  I am so relieved to say, this is not the case with Planet, Shan, Sedona, and Everly.  I look forward to visiting with them in the future, and hope that they will visit us in Tucson - we have too much to talk about to not get together again!


David A. Harvey said...

I love the title of this post Mel - but was incredulous about the name. "Planet"? Really? "Planet"? Truly unique - and bizarre IMO. I would love to understand the parents reasoning in that choice - but then - I see they are from CA - makes perfect sense. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool story Mel. The little one (seriously) looks quite a bit like YOU. ...and that's a good thing! : )