Sunday, March 13, 2011

Safe to come out again?!

Our friend Valerie's passing has hit us hard, and we weren't much in to mood to post the last few weeks. But with company in tow, we just returned to Tucson from a spectacular 4 day journey criss-crossing Baja, Mexico. The highlight of the trip was spending a few hours with the gray whales of Puerto Lopez Mateos, near the southern tip of the peninsula, about 500 miles due south of Tucson. This image will whet your appetite for the posts to come the next few days. I've already forgotten if this particular image was part of a breach, or if he was "spyhopping", checking out the above-water view, but I've got lots more, including closeups. We all got to wear some whale-spit before the tour was over!


David A. Harvey said...

I wondered where you two have been. Pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

ok.... so welcome back to the planet :) great wale shot, can't wait to see more of them, hint hint. hey did you feel that 5.something quake in the sea of cortez during your visit?