Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's 5º!

We've been delinquent in posting, but be prepared for a plethora, as we are in the Midwest again! And with temps on single digits and wind chills well into negatives, what are you gong to do but post on the blog!?

We had a great trip - a reasonable 9:30 departure on Southwest, which we've not flown in years. We had tailwinds, unlimited snacks, no charge for checked bags and arrived 30 minutes early - what's not to like? Well, I'm not too keen on Midway Airport, but still, a good travel day. The snow started in New Mexico and continued all the way to Lake Michigan and evidently well beyond. The pic at left of the flight was taken somewhere over northern Missouri or southern Iowa. Sister Maj swooped in and rescued us and we all went out to Carolyn's where baby Colin (Carolyn's grandson) kept the girls enamored. Carolyn also serves as hostess for our car, where it awaits for our return. I ran to the store for some groceries and we finally pulled into the Ranch about sunset.

It was COLD! From afar (Tucson), Midwestern lows are just numbers, but when the chill air finally tickles your chin, it finally means something! Maj had come by earlier and turned the heat up for us, so it was nice and snug, but I ran around the house taking a few snapshots (not too easy in 18 inches of snow in the growing dusk. The highlight of the evening: Melinda took her Jeopardy online quiz! Nothing else makes you feel quite so inadequate as taking that exam. I watched over her shoulder - we were confident on about a third, guessed at about a third, and said "huh" on the other third... She had a beer afterwards, caught up on some of our cable shows and turned in early for us (Midnight!).

The day dawned clear (well, I assume, since I woke at about 10). Another beautiful blue-sky day, though still in single digits. A few more snow pictures, and time to get a few on line. I know, the people who live here permanently don't want to see snow pictures, but for us, it is still exotic. We'll likely tire of the stuff in a few days, but for now we are enjoying it!

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David A. Harvey said...

Awesome shot out the plane window! What is all that white stuff on the ground?

I really don't get why you guys even bother going back north at all - cold and crappy in the winter; hot, muggy with mosquitos in the summer - whats the big draw???