Monday, July 12, 2010

Right Place, Right Time!

A couple months ago, our neighbor Leenie knocked on our door in a panic - her son Ryan was doing a science report on Ladybird Beetles, and their printer was down. Would I print out some pictures from the Internet?

Realize this was like, a day or two after my post on the ladybug eggs in the front yard! So not only was I able to provide pictures of their eggs and the larvae that hatched, Ryan was able to bring the egg casings to class to pass around. Talk about a successful report!

Ryan brought by the report for me to check out yesterday featuring my pictures along with his research, and his Mom rewarded us with a carrot cake - so combining the appropriate adages, good deeds take the cake!

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Anonymous said...

haha... cute! i remember those days... glad to hear the success story! go ryan! and dean!