Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy, Busy, but More Soon!

You would think that a rainy Sunday in Tucson (something like a half inch so far - a lot for us!) that it would be a perfect time to relax and blog about our activities. We've been busier than heck lately, with some progress on home-improvement projects, and the last trip of the season to Whitewater Draw yesterday. But company is coming in a few days, there is no time to rest! So just a few tidbits to whet your appetite for now.

With the rain that is upon us now originally forecast for late yesterday, we were a little concerned about the trip to see the cranes at Whitewater, but it was a beautiful day, though blustery winds kept bird activity low till near sunset. And what a sunset it was - typical Arizona, if there is such a thing! Here are a few distant coots and shovelers reflected in the last red clouds to the west. The cranes, which had been distant all day, gathered about this same time and made a noisy spectacle, if not visual one. There was a small bunch that was close enough to get a cat's-eye reflection from their eyes from the on-camera flash(click the pictures to enlarge), their shapes silhouetted in the western glow. And this Great Horned Owl always makes his appearance after sunset as well, and again, the flash was utilized to pull him out of the dark a bit. It was a great evening, even without a gazillion bird photos, but we're saving some goodies for a more extended post when time permits.

And our other activity that is "keeping us off the streets" is a continuation of our bathroom remodel. Will do the real unveil in a day or two, but here is a hint of some of our Talavera tile work. So be patient that we're not posting often at the moment - it isn't like we're sitting on our hands!

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David A. Harvey said...

Went back eh! I know why - such a beautiful place - with opportunities for all photogs! Nice shots! Love the sunsets and silhouettes!

The Brat