Monday, December 7, 2009

Last Night's Frosting of Snow

We had a dusting of snow a few days ago, and a big storm is promised tomorrow before we leave for Tucson Wednesday night, but we were surprised this morning with a nice inch or two of fresh snowfall. While Melinda slept in, I went out and caught a few frames. Our former Arizona car, now sentenced to a career in colder climes, didn't look too out of place.

While I was out in the snow early, I wasn't the first to leave tracks. The numerous ground squirrels and rabbits were out early too. We also spotted a brightly colored pair of cardinals feeding on the berries left in the bushes near our house, but they were too shy to be photographed even through the windows in our sun room.

As I said, much more is promised before our plane leaves in a couple nights, leaving ample opportunities to get more pics before heading back to warmer Tucson. Of course, we usually see snow in Tucson too, but after a 40 mile drive up the Catalina Mountains north of town!

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