Monday, August 24, 2009

Time To Melt Some Glass!

This shows the lowering of the oven top onto the now-loaded mold almost 2 weeks ago. After hooking up circuits and testing along with some new training proceedures thrown in, time to cast the 6.5 meter mirror for the San Pedro Martir Observatory.

If you can't be there to feel the heat of the nearly 1200C temperatures on your face, or feel the wind tousel your hair as the oven and mold rotate at 7rpm, the next best thing is to check out the nearly-live pictures from the website one of the project scientists has thrown up. In addition to weblinks to the principle partners, the latest photos of the melting glass, temperature profiles, video files will be available as well. The peak temperature will come sometime Wednesday midday.

As of this moment (4pm Monday) , there is a normally scheduled hold at 500C for checking out systems. Much hotter and the glass will start melting, so is the last chance to stop the casting if there are issues.

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