Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Touch O' Winter

The forecasters were calling for snow, even in Tucson this morning, But as you can see from the University of Arizona's 10am webcam grab, the snow level didn't quite creep down to valley level. Even so, the high today is only 46F, over 20 degrees cooler than our normal temperature this time of year! I know, for many of you, 46F sounds warm in winter, but it is cold for our high temperature.

And yes, it does get below freezing - pretty frequently too. Tonight will get down to the upper 20s, so Melinda will need to cover the bougainvillea and roses recently planted. Some have already gotten a touch of frost.

We look at the webcam page a lot, not only do you get the current temperature, but you can see from a dreary windowless lab what the weather is doing outside! There are also links to a recent images page that shows hourly images, such as that shown here, as well as a daily movie (made every evening, and archived for the week) to show a synopsis of the day. There is also a photo album and a video vault showing some spectacular images and videos. Check it out when you have time to spare!

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